📖Game Mechanics

This is the working model of the game Mechanics. Please read Below to Understand more about how it works !

Working of Dino World Game :

Let us start with the basic Step . First Players have to Purchase the Dino Egg from the in-game shop using Dino Token and Life Essence token. After that Players Will hatch those Dino eggs to get the Dino Pets . There will be Specific Dino Particle of Each Type of Dino Pets according to that players can collect reward from the pool . After that Using those Dino Particle Tokens User can Choose Either to upgrade Their Dino Pets from a Level 0 Dino to a Level 100 Dino (As Per their Choice ). In Order to Upgrade Dino Pets Players need the Dino Particle token. If they choose not to Upgrade their Dino Pet then they can go to in-game exchange and swap their Dino Particle Token TO Dino Token and Exchange that Dino Token on Alcor Exchange For Wax . Players are Free to Buy Dino Pets from Atomic Hub or Neftyblocks and other NFT marketplaces.

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