Dino Particle Token


What is Dino Particle Token?

Dino Particle Token is the Resource Token of the Dino World Wax game. There is a lot of use case with this token.

Total Supply : Unlimited Dino Particle Tokens Daily Minting Rate : Depends on the Total Number of Dino pets minted and staked in the staking Pool and Sum of Mining rate of all the staked Dino pets. Tradeable : Yes , Only In-game exchange. Non transferable !

How To Earn Dino Particle Token ?

In Order to Earn Dino Particle Token Players have to Stake Their Dino pets in the in-game staking pool and they will Earn DINO PARTICLE TOKEN every Second they Stake .The rate of Dino Pets producing Dino Particle Token Depends on the Generation, Rarity & Level of Dino Pet's .Higher the Level of Dino pets player have more he can Mine Dino Particle token and Swap The Dino Particle Token to DINO token(Governance Token) In the in-game

Uses Of Dino Particle Token :

One of the main use of Dino Particle Token is upgrading the Dino pets to a higher level. More utility will be added, such as the Revival of Dino pets after Wars/ PvP, sending the Dino pets on missions & more to follow in later stages of the game. 😉😉. NOTE : The Dino Particle Token that is used in order to upgrade Dino Pets will be immediately Burned on the same moment.

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