LEAF Token


What is Leaf Token ?

Leaf Token is the token produced by the Trees of the Dino World Wax game. There is a lot of use case with this token. Whole Supply of the token is set for the mining Rewards Only.

Total Supply : 100,000,000,000 Leaf Tokens Daily Minting Rate : Depends on the Number of Staked Trees Tradeable : Yes, on Alcor Exchange

How To Earn Leaf Token ?

In Order to Earn Leaf Token, Players Need to plant the DINO Trees. The Tree Packs are available in the in-game shop for $DINO + LE token and players can buy them. They can open pack and plant tree as per rarity they will get the Tree.

The higher the level of TREE, the more LEAF Token players can Earn. Players Can Then Swap their Leaf Token on Alcor Exchange in Wax. NOTE : There Wont be Any Other Way to Earn LEAF Tokens Apart from this Method.

Uses Of Leaf Token :

One of the Uses of LEAF Token is to Buy The in-game Shop items Such As : Magic Potions - Common Potion / Uncommon Potion / Rare Potion / Epic Potion. NOTE : All Dino Tokens + Leaf Tokens used to purchase in-game items, will be burned๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ, on the same transaction.

info : Dino world game treasury can mint some $LEAF token inorder to maintain the liquidity of the WAXP/LEAF in alcor and can also sell preminted token for WAXP. But the 100% Amount collected from the Selling / minting of $LEAF will always remains in the treasury wallet and will never be sent Out of it .

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