⚖️Dino Particle Pool

Working Of Dino Particle Swap Pool :

In Order To make the The game Tokenomics Unique and long term We have made a Unique Liquidity Pool System For Dino Particle Token To retain The Value of Dino Token (Governance Token) of The Dino World Game. As Many Number of Players plays the game More will be the Decentralized Dino Token. Players can also exchange DINO tokens for Dino Particles in the in-game swap.

As Per Dino Particle / Dino Token Pool We have already Given the above formula How It is Calculated .

As Number of DINO token Increases in the Liquidity Pool The Value of Dino Token Per Dino Particle Token will As Number of Dino Particle Token in the pool will Decrease the ratio will increase.

And Vice - Verse will happen in other Opposite Cases ..

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