Life Essence


What is Life Essence Token?

Life Essence Token is the Resource Token of the Dino World Wax game. There is a lot of use case with this token.

Total Supply : Limited Life Essence Tokens Daily Minting Rate : (Not Applicable Currently) Tradeable : No, Currently Only Available in The in-game Shop Price : 1 LIFE ESSENCE TOKEN = 2 WAX.

How To Earn Life Essence Token ?

As of Now in the First Phase of the Game there is no Way To Earn Life Essence Token . The Only way to get it is that to buy it in the in-game Shop @Price of 1 LIFE ESSENCE TOKEN = 2 WAX. In Future Players could earn Life Essence token By staking DINO (governance token ) in the Special Staking Pool. IN Future Players would also be able to mint the Life Essence Token with the use of Especial Dino pets or other NFts. All The Wax Collected from the in-game Sale of Life Essence Token will be used for Development Purpose | Buy back of tokens | Marketing and future plans And rest will be Reimbursed in the game. Exact % of This Will be Shared Sooner ......

Uses Of Life Essence Token :

One of the Main Use of Life Essence Token is while Upgrading the Dino Pets at Some selected levels. And other use case is while Purchasing the In-game Dino eggs . Other use cases will be introduce in the later Stages 😉😉.

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