๐Ÿ“™Wax Guide

WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) is an environmentally-friendly blockchain purpose-built for e-Commerce through dApps (decentralized applications), NFTs, gaming, virtual worlds, and unique collectibles. On the WAX blockchain, creators and brands can easily build, launch, and distribute NFTs to a global user base.

Known best as โ€œThe King of NFTsโ€, WAX is the leading NFT network and has successfully facilitated the trade of millions of NFTs from partners including Topps (Major League Baseball), Capcom (Street Fighter), Funko, Atari, Sonyโ€™s Funimation, and famous films (Princess Bride and SAW), world-renowned entertainers (Deadmau5, Weezer and William Shatner), and many more. Furthermore, WAX has innovated vIRLยฎ NFTs, which are different from the standard NFTs youโ€™ll find on other blockchains. They feature a host of dynamic functionality including app/video game integrations, marketing tools and V-commerce capabilities โ€” linking a vIRLยฎ NFT to a real-world item, so you can transfer ownership without needing to physically ship anything until a collector is ready to claim it as their own. Every vIRLยฎ NFT is minted on the energy efficient and carbon neutral WAX Blockchain that puts the environment first.

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