Game Story

The story starts with Dr. Bob, an incredibly inquisitive and daring scientist. One day, he was watching the news on TV like any other day when he learned about a secret island where several dinosaur artefacts had been discovered. Dr. Bob was shocked to hear the news and immediately departed for the island. The day after he arrived, he discovered a curious egg that was larger than any other egg and had an unusual appearance. He wasn't paying much attention at first, but after doing more investigating, he started to get fascinated since he was finding so many of these unique eggs. He brought the eggs to his lab and began research. After months of research, he found out that the eggs belonged to dinosaurs that went extinct 200 million years ago. After several months of hard work, he discovered "Life Essence". Using this, he managed to restore the eggs. After a few weeks of that, a cute baby dino came out of it. Then he examined the dino and tried to replicate the eggs. In this process, he created different types of dinosaurs. When those dinos grew up, he let them go free and the island teemed with dinos. That way, the mysterious island becomes the world of Dino.

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